KARACHI – Tiktok craze, a girl was arrested on Saturday for allegedly setting her house on fire in a TikTok video. As per the details, Marvi Khiliji a student of 10th standard was arrested after her father, Abdul Aziz, complained to police that she had set fire to their house while filming a video.

The Father of the girl, Aziz Ahmed Khilji, had lodged the first information report with the local police alleging his daughter set their house alight after he tried and stopped her from making videos for the short video sharing platform TikTok.

The FIR on father’s complaint reads that upon preventing the daughter from making videos for the platform, she maligned him and then set fire to the house.

Following up on the complaint made by family, local police took over and arrested the girl who is now transferred to women police stations in the locality.

Police responded on the complaint of the Marvi and booked her under Section 436, 427 and 506/2, bringing her to the court of the magistrate. The court sent the arrested girl to Sukkur Prison.

A security guard on Friday accidentally shot himself dead while shooting a video for TikTok, a highly popular Chinese social media app. The incident was reported in Gulistan-e-Jauhar area of Karachi, where a security guard shot himself dead while pointing out a pistol over his head in TikTok video.

A video circulating on Whatsapp has taken the internet by storm. The private video was being shared around as TikTok. The TikTok craze has overtaken youth in the country and they are not even hesitating in risking their lives for the videos.