Shoaib Malik luckily unhurt after his sports car crashes into truck in Lahore.Pakistan all-rounder Shoaib Malik on Sunday remained unhurt in a car accident shortly after leaving PSL Draft ceremony at PCB headquarters in Punjab capital.After the PSL draft ceremony, Malik tried to overtake cricketer Wahab Riaz’s car but lost control of his car and crashed into a truck

Smashed Car

The cricketer’s car smashed into a truck parked outside the National High Performance Centre; Lahore.Cricketer Shoaib Malik’s sports car hit a truck on Sunday as he exited the city’s National High Performance Centre (NHPC) after the Pakistan Super League (PSL) draft concluded. The former cricket captain not injured.

Cricketer Safe

While the veteran all-rounder cricketer was reportedly safe, his sports car sustained damages to the front side when it hit the truck near a restaurant close to the NHPC.

The 38-year-old skipper has yet to comment on the matter. An eyewitnesses as saying Malik exited the NHPC at high speed but was unable to control his car; which ended up skidding on the road and hitting the truck outside.

Some four or five people confirmed the cricketer was driving at high speed. He was in good spirits but seemed to be lacking experience in driving the sports car they said; adding that he and Wahab Riaz left together.Another eyewitness told that the former cricket captain “requested me to not make” a video while he was sitting in the car after the crash.

Taking to social networking website, Twitter; Shoaib Malik said that he was perfectly all right. He said, “It was just a happenstance accident and Almighty has been extremely benevolent.”

Shoaib’s tweet

I am perfectly all right everybody. It was just a happenstance accident and Almighty has been extremely Benevolent. Thank you to each one of you who’ve reached out. I am deeply grateful for all the love and care…” ~ Shoaib Malik