Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday said sugar was being sold at a national average of Rs81 per kilogram compared to Rs102 per kg last month. Taking to Twitter, the premier congratulated his team for bringing down the price of the commodity through a multi-pronged strategy.

His words were echoed by his team members as Federal Minister for Planning and Development Asad Umar and Federal Minister for Industries and Productions Hammad Azhar took to Twitter to hail the PTI government’s efforts to bring down the price.

Umar said when an attempt is made to change a corrupt system then those benefitting from it tend to resist but if the government is courageous then it succeeds in the end.

“The ex-mill and retail rates of sugar are down by approximately Rs30 per kg in the last one month,” wrote Hammad Azhar. “Competitive sugar import by [the] government, its supply at control rates, and timely start of mills crushing season provided relief to both consumers and farmers.”

Meanwhile, Karachi Grocers Association general-secretary Fariq Qureshi said the sugar prices have gone down with the beginning of the crushing season and import of the commodity. Qureshi said the commodity was being sold at Rs72 in the wholesale market and Rs78 in retail across Karachi. “The prices went from Rs52 to Rs102 and now it is coming down,” he said.

The general secretary said during last year’s crushing season the wholesale price was Rs50 and retail was Rs52. He added that it was unlikely the price would go as low as last year.