PM Imran Khan on Thursday once again congratulated; the country’s exporters and Ministry of Commerce (MoC) for achieving record growth in exports. Last year in November and December as compared to India’s and Bangladesh’s which showed withering trades.

PM Imran Khan

“I have received the regional export trends and this shows that, compared to our exports, the exports of India and Bangladesh for Nov/Dec 2020 showed negative growth,” PM said in a tweet. “I wish once again to congratulate the exporters and the Ministry of Commerce for this achievement.”

On January 1, Imran felicitated the Pakistani exporters on achieving “record exports in December 2020 with a growth of 18 per cent over the previous year.”

“Well done and keep up this trend,” the premier wrote on his official Twitter handle.

PM Imran also stated that the country was moving in the right direction with the policies aimed at bringing people out of poverty through wealth creation.

Speaking at the launching ceremony of new vehicles being introduced in Pakistan; the premier said the government will incentivise the business community and the industrial sector that will lead to increased exports.

“Wealth creation through exports will be used for uplifting the living standard of the ordinary people in the country,” he underscored.

Major Pillar

Earlier PM Khan called the export enhancement a major pillar of his government’s economic policy; while assuring to provide full support for promotion of the export culture.

Growth of Export

As per the export figures data compiled by the relevant ministries of Pakistan; India and Bangladesh, the export figures of Pakistan in November and December posted a growth of 8.32 percent and 18.30pc; respectively.

Whereas; the exports of archrival India still suffering from the impact of coronavirus slowdown posted a decline of 9.07pc and 0.80pc in November and December; respectively. Furthermore the export figures of Bangladesh in the months of November and December; recorded growth of 0.76pc and negative growth of 6.11pc respectively.

According to provisional data shared by PM’s Commerce Adviser Abdul Raza Dagwood; Pakistan’s exports for the month of December 2020 had grown by 18.3 percent to $2.357 billion as compared to $1.993 billion in December 2019 – an increase of $ 364 million.