ISLAMABAD: India is once again preparing to destroy peace in the region by starting a false flag operation against Pakistan in a bid to divert attention from internal and external pressures that it faced following its embarrassing defeat in Ladakh and Do Kalam.

According to credible sources, India is preparing for an attack on the Line of Control (LoC) and on the Pakistan-India Working Boundary. Owing to the possibility of an attack, Pakistan’s armed forces have been put on high alert.

Sources said that India can resort to a border action or a surgical strike as part of its false flag operation so that it could divert attention from several of its ongoing internal problems, including the mistreatment of minorities, farmers’ protests, its growing atrocities in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOJ&K) and the resultant criticism from international media and institutions.

In 2016, India had laid claim to conducting a surgical strike (without evidence) on the LoC. Similarly, on February 26, 2019, the country had tried launching a similar operation against Pakistan but failed at it.

On Wednesday, Indian troops initiated a ceasefire violation in Kuiratta Sector along the LoC. According to the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), the Pakistan Army troops responded befittingly and there were reports of heavy losses to Indian troops in men and material. During intense exchange of fire, two soldiers, Lance Naik Tariq and Sepoy Zaroof embraced Shahadat while fighting valiantly.

Meanwhile, researchers have uncovered a global network of fake websites and NGOs being run from India for 15 years in Brussels and Geneva to malign Pakistan and other enemy countries in Asia. EU Disinfo Lab’s hectic campaign, which is dubbed as “Indian Chronicles,” revealed that how India resurrected dead media, dead think-tanks and NGOs and dead people for its vested interests.

The nefarious operation led by the New-Delhi based business association, Srivastava Group, and amplified by ANI, a leading Indian news agency began in 2005 and is still ongoing at this date, said the researchers.

The development comes following an investigation held last year into Indian disinformation operations in which it unearthed that the pics Srivastava Group had been spearheading a network of 265 fake media in 65 countries, including EP Today, a fake European Parliament online magazine active in Brussels since 2006.

The fake publication, investigators say, served as a ‘honeypot’ for Members of European Parliament (MEPs) and other politicians to publish their opinions, particularly that served Indian interests in the EU.

Earlier this year, the EU Disinfo Lab launched the probe after stumbling upon “an entire network of coordinated UN-accredited NGOs promoting Indian interests and criticizing Pakistan repeatedly.”

This probe ended up in the discovery of a fake media organization in Brussels – EU Chronicle, which was working in lines of the EP Today. The network is used in India to reinforce pro-Indian and anti-Pakistan (and anti-Chinese) feelings while internationally, it is used to consolidate the power and improve the perception of India, to damage the reputation of other countries in order to get support from the EU and the UN.

For this purpose, the network supports minority and human rights NGOs and think-tanks, besides using MEPs to create a mirage of institutional support from European institutions to these minority groups, in favor of Indian interests and against Pakistan (and China).

It has an active presence in Geneva and the United Nations’ Human Rights Council by holding side-events and demonstrations in support of minority rights, said the researchers.

The strategy of the Indian network also includes the creation of fake media in Brussels, Geneva and across the world and/or the repackaging and dissemination via ANI and obscure local media networks – at least in 97 countries – to multiply the repetition of online negative content about countries in conflict with India, in particular Pakistan.

“We uncovered an entire network of coordinated UN-accredited NGOs promoting Indian interests and criticizing Pakistan repeatedly. We could tie at least 10 of them directly to the Srivastava family, with several other dubious NGOs pushing the same messages,” EU Disinfo Lab said.

The researchers have called for sufficient measures to counter such widespread and coordinated disinformation campaigns such as the one outlined in Indian Chronicles. “It is also our belief that the possibility for malicious actors to abuse search engines by reproducing the same content hundreds of times should also be challenged,” the investigator recommended.